Vehicle magnetic fingerprint detection

In cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology we have developed a unique technology that identifies specific vehicles, based on measurements of magnetic field distortions. Special sensors in the road surface and software equipped with AI make it possible to identify vehicles without using surveillance cameras and LPR or special equipment on vehicle itself.

System is not collecting personal data:
• License plates
• Who’s driving
• Or who is around

• Deeper and more comprehensive insights
• More reliable detection of traffic patterns
• Clearer understanding of the causes of problematic situations
• A more secure basis for proactive action

Composition of traffic flow – from which locations vehicles have reached the location you are analyzing.
Occurrence report – what percentage of vehicles pass the selected location regularly and which occasionally.
Travel time and avarage speed from various parts of the city to reach the place you are analyzing for one or another type of transport.
• To identify the most efficient or problematic routes in a desired period of time for a disired type of transport.
• You will be able to analyze traffic patterns and habits more precisely.
Plan road network and maintenance.

System consist of Sensors, Hubs and Central server. Sensors are installed on the road surface and connected to Hubs, which transmit data for analysis via the internet to a Central server equipped with special AI-based software. The main task of the systems is to collect traffic data and conveniently transfer it to any other analytical or traffic management software via API.