Traffic sensor

A universal intelligent sensor, which can record several traffic parameters simultaneously. The sensor is suitable for installation on various roads and under different road surfaces, robust and resistant to adverse environmental factors.


Vehicle speed measurement
Vehicle length measurement
Average flow speed measurement
Overspeed counter
Vehicle counter
Sector speed measurement


Durable aluminium body
Non-contact vehicle detection
Simple system setup

Technical details

Relative error of speed (0 – 90 km/h): < 2.5 %
Relative error of speed (91 – 110 km/h): < 3 %
Relative error of speed (110 – 140 km/h): < 4 %
Operating temperature: from -40° C to +80° C
Protection class: IP 68
Voltage: 5 V
Current: 150 mA
Energy consumption: 0.75 W
Interface: USB
Dimensions: 400 x 25 x 25 mm
Standard sensor cable length: 3 m.
Thermal compensation
Arbitrary magnetic field compensation